Covid has taken world by storm. The life as we knew it has ended. We live in a new reality of uncertainty and fear. Humanity is suffering from existential crises. Economic systems around the world have collapsed. Political institutions are scrambling to figure out, how to adopt to this new world.

I always thought in the event of real adversity, human beings could rise above petty difference and come together in service of humankind. All the childhood fables thought this lesson. Boy was I wrong! Darwin has won and Plato has lost. It is survival of the fittest.

As I sit in lockdown, feeling a sense of despair, my own upbringing come in between. I still want to believe, not everything is lost. There is goodness in this world. We can turn things around, and come to the light on the other side of this tunnel. This is a post to reflect on the past, think about the present and plan for a better future.